Build an internet-native company

Start a company, issue shares and handle payments.
All onchain, no paperwork.
An open source protocol for EVM chains
Firm protocol is the backbone of internet-native companies. Built on Safe, it super-powers it to enable running efficient organizations.
Next-gen companies that run on code, not lawyers
Everything you do on Firm can be legally binding. Operate onchain with all the protections of traditional companies. Starting with Delaware corporations.

Why are we doing this

We believe companies are a fantastic organization form but they are due for a fundamental upgrade
Corporations are one of the greatest forms of human coordination ever invented
Modern miracles like airplanes, medicine, or the magic rectangle showing you these words are the product of corporations.

By limiting risk, separating management from ownership, and allowing for changes in ownership, corporations helped produce a revolution in organizational productivity and longevity. Great companies outlive their founders.
Today’s fastest growing corporations are technology companies
The best companies of our time live and thrive because of the internet. Personal computing and the web removed physical barriers and created incredible network effects.

But though companies produce internet-native products, their organizational structure is stuck in the past. Game-changing companies run on legacy systems that were built during an era that relied on letters and handshakes, not software.
Crypto has changed the world, but not the corporation
It’s easier for Elon Musk to raise funds selling flamethrowers than for everyday people to invest in one of his private companies like SpaceX. More tokens are created on Ethereum every day, than IPOs happen in a year.

It’s a pain to pay people spread across the globe in a fully remote company, yet we can instantly airdrop tokens to hundreds of thousands living all over the world.
It's time to reinvent the corporation
Using smart contracts, we’re building internet-native companies architected with code instead of legal documents.

Getting rid of a lot of inefficiencies and limitations of the old way of doing things opens the door for new ways to create, distribute value, and run internet-native companies.

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Upgrade to an internet-native company with Firm. Issue shares, handle treasury, budgets, payments. Fully onchain.